Tiger Splashers are the official hostesses for the Auburn University Swimming and Diving teams. Tiger Splashers time at meets, create posters for members of the teams, and cheer on the teams at every meet. In addition to working with the swimming and diving teams, Tiger Splashers also assist at other meets that are held at the Aquatic Center. There are also lots of fun socials and events that the Splashers have with the teams in order to further friendships between the organizations and the teams.  

How to Join

About Tiger Splashers

 Q:  Are  there any costs to become a Tiger Splasher?

       A: Yes.  An application fee of $10 is due at the time of interviews and then, after being accepted as a Tiger Splasher, a membership fee of $100 is required.  However, this membership fee pays for many things, such as: a splasher uniform, a nametag, t-shirts, socials with the team, and sometimes extra little treats. If necessary, we do have the option of creating a payment plan for splashers.


 Q:  Are there any Academic requirements to become a Tiger Splasher?

       A: No. However, our organization does recognize that the number one priority for any student should be their academic studies. We work with our members to try and alleviate schedule conflicts in order to best accommodate both situations.


 Q:  Is Tiger Splashers a year long commitment?

        A: ABSOLUTELY! It is necessary for applicants to understand the year-long time commitment to the organization.      


 Q:  Are there meetings? If so, when? Are they required?

       A: Yes. Once a member, there are weekly REQUIRED meetings, held on Mondays at 8 pm in the team room (located next to the practice pool).


  Q:  When is the Swimming and Diving season?

         A: See the Auburn University Schedule/Result page: 2017-2018 Swimming and Diving Schedule


 Q:  Do I have to know anything about swimming in order to become a Tiger Splasher?

      A: No! You just need enthusiasm for the sport, a good attitude, dedication and commitment, a willingness to learn anything and everything,  and finally, AUBURN PRIDE and SPIRIT!!!



Recruitment for the 2017-2018 season is happening now!

Click here to download the application. Please fill out and email to Susan, our director of recruitment: smd0022@auburn.edu 

the application is due Friday September 8th

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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Frequently Asked Questions